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Key Features

  • Application of passes with documentation
  • Track positive drivers on real-time
  • Secure Delivery
  • Send alerts

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As a social responsibility we have always tried our best to help the society in the best of our capacity and this time we came up with an app called “Safe Pass” through this app the people can register freely for the passes issued by the government and once they have been approved by the local authority they may conduct deliveries of essential goods within the set radius. It would also enable the government to ensure that the given passes are not misused by the drivers, and in the case that any driver is found positive, we will retrace their journey and locate their points of contact and travel locations. In order to avoid further spread, we will send an alert to the government as well as to the residents where the products were delivered and advise them to take care of their health.

Major Role of Safe Pass

Easy Registration for

Business owners and Drivers will fill the application form with information like name, email, Movement to and from. When the form has been filled out, it will immediately be submitted to the government departments for approval.

Government Approval

In this difficult time, the government is trying to provide passes to the suppliers of essential goods.
The Government will identify the individuals for whom the passes can be granted and allow them to provide their services in the authorized regions.

Carry on with Smooth

The approved drivers can now freely deliver the products in the permissible regions to their customers and thus ensuring contactless delivery. They will also make sure that the product reaches the customers on time and are safe to consume. The customers and owners can also track the drivers on real-time basis.

Identify Postive Cases

In case any one of the driver has fallen sick and later they have has been tested positive then they can mark the same on the app so that admin is aware of the situation and can send the alerts to the customers who have received the goods from him in the past and may have a chance of getting infected.

Send Alerts

The platform will automatically send multiple notifications to the customers as well as the government in case any driver has been tested positive so that they can take safety Precautions in order to avoid its spread.


The analytical dashboard would allow the government to maintain a list of all drivers who have been tested positive and those who have not. The government can also track them on the dashboard on real time basis.